Visual Tour of Hope Ministries: An Introduction to Our Programs


Hope provides emergency and transitional housing for 18 families with children, 35 single men and 16 single women.

Our Kitchen

All residents are served three meals per day at no cost. In addition to feeding our residents, Hope serves lunch and dinner to our community’s most disadvantaged men, women and children. Hope serves over 100,000 meals each year


All Hope residents have the opportunity to participate in Hope's Learning Center. Some pursue a GED, some prepare for post-secondary education, and some work on job-related skills.


The Hope4Kids program seeks to meet the developmental needs of children while they live at Hope, to create connected and effective parents, and to connect families with the support they will need after leaving Hope.

Core Classes

Each resident of Hope is required to attend 6 months of Bible-based classes that walk them through topics such as boundaries & healthy relationships, sexuality, life of Christ, addiction recovery, and cultivating community. Through these classes, residents are able to learn what the Bible says about how God created us, and discuss the real issues they are facing in the healing process. In addition to these classes, every resident has a case manager that is assigned to them and offers help and guidance through the program.