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One-Time Projects and Special Events

If you are new to Hope Ministries and looking for a way to get better connected with us, One-Time Projects and Special Events may be just the way for you to learn more about us! This is a great way to start if you have a supper full calendar but still want to participate in being involved whether it be as an individual or in a group. Many of our volunteers commit to these same areas of involvement year after year as an annual project while others schedule multiple dates throughout the year. We count on this involvement to be able to meet the needs of our residents and community members. We highly value and our volunteers commitment and support.

Food Service/ Food Provider Volunteers:

Here at Hope Ministries we serve lunch and dinner every day of the year to our residents and community members. We have not missed a meal since first opening in 1954! This would not be possible without the help of our dedicated Food Service Providers and Servers.

Notes of Encouragement
For volunteers of ALL ages! Make it a special day with Notes of Encouragement! We all love cards and special greetings! But our clients don’t usually receive mail that is positive and uplifting. Your notes will be placed in client mailboxes or on beds to bless, uplift and raise the self-esteem of who are homeless. You can use any type of card you prefer. Plain cardstock cut into fourths works great. You can simply pen a note or decorate the cards with markers, colored pencils and/or stickers. In other words, volunteers can unleash their compassion and creativity. Notes can be all occasion or seasonal, but should not contain any personal information, such as names or phone numbers. When it’s time for delivery, we can usually arrange a tour. Or notes can be mailed to Volunteer Services, 432 S. Lafayette Blvd., South Bend, IN., 46634

Host Activities for Hope Children
Groups are needed to host art projects, field day events, pizza and skating parties, etc. for the resident children living at our Family Life Center. Throw a birthday party for our Hope children’s’ birthdays. This is a great way to involve your own child in our ministry. Talk to our Volunteer Coordinator for more details of dates and times.

  • Children's Birthday Parties
    Hope throws a Birthday party once a month for all the children living at Hope who’s birthdays fall within the month. This is a great way to involve your own children in volunteering as they come along to help celebrate these special occasions. Birthday parties are held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and consist of games and activities that you plan and cake, cupcakes or snacks that you choose to provide.

  • Special Event Schedule for Hope Children
    You or your group can help Hope arrange a special outing or special in-house activities for our Hope Children throughout the year. If you are an individual volunteering, you may assist us with pre-planned activities or if you are a group looking to serve our Hope children, you may plan your own activity. Some of these activities may include skating parties, outings to the park or zoo, or even a children’s movie!

Goodnight Snacks
For volunteers of all ages, this project has become a tremendous hit! Thanks to the snacks you provide, our clients end the day with a delicious blessing. At the Family Life Center, volunteers arrive at 7:45 p.m. to set-up. Clients are invited to come by for a snack beginning at 8:00pm. Snack time is over at 8:30pm.

  • Good Night Snacks
  • Calendar/Schedule

Assist in Baskets of Hope
Hope Ministries has you join efforts with our residents in creating gift baskets and arrangements to sell within our churches and through our business partners. This gives our residents opportunity to give back and gain some life skills. This gives you a great opportunity to build relationships with our residents and also allows Hope with a means to be self-supportive. Speak with our Volunteer Coordinator for more information!

  • Available dates

Maintenance Service Projects
Hope often has small construction projects, paining and maintenance needs in our Family Life building. This is a great way for groups or individuals to offer their skill in assisting us keep our facility in great shape!

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