Stories from our Residents:
Mary's Story

"I have a problem with drugs and alcohol. I’ve had a lot of abuse in my life and I started my addiction with alcohol and then became addicted to drugs. I was so lost – for years and years – I was out there and lost. I knew I needed help and that I couldn’t get better by myself. When I got to Hope, I was so happy to be here. I have learned so much through the program and Hope has really taught me to help myself. Since I’ve been here, I have changed into a different person. I’m closer to God, and I read my Bible. I have a relationship with my Father in heaven and I trust him! It was a hard thing for me to trust God because of how abused I’ve been in the past, but I really do trust my God. I trust the people here at Hope – I love them and I know they love me. Since I’ve been here I’ve graduated from all my classes. I have certificates with MY name on them and I even had a graduation! I have Medicaid and my very own doctor. I got into a program at Goodwill and now I’m working and have a job. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to know it’s real – that I have all these things I’ve always wanted. I was just accepted into housing and I have my own apartment now! I have a close relationship with my children, and it means a lot to me that they say they’re proud of me. That feels so good. As I move out of Hope, I know that to be successful in my future I can’t go around that awful environment. I am a different person now – I’m an asset to society. I’m a working woman! I plan to stay clean by attending my regular meetings and spend more time with my children. I like my life better now. I feel like I’m a person again and I’m so excited about my future."