Message from the Director

David Vanderveen

Executive Director
574-235-4150ext: 230

What is Hope Ministries?

Hope Ministries is not a building or a set of programs or a group of staff members. We have all those things, but those things are not Hope Ministries. Hope Ministries is you. And me. And the rest of the body of Christ in our local community coming together to love our neighbors - the local people and families who need our help. Hope has always been a broad-based community effort. We are funded by the gifts of thousands of local people. Volunteers play a critical role in every aspect of our program. Partner churches and agencies provide many of the services our residents need while living at Hope. And local churches and people provide the long-term love, support and community our residents need after graduating from Hope. This is your ministry just as much as it is mine. So please contact us and let’s talk about how, together, we can respond to God’s call to love our neighbors.

Our staff

John Brown

Director of Men's Services & Operations
574-235-4150ext: 229

Calvin Chapman

Food Service Manager
574-235-4150ext: 228

Steve Matteson

Director of Community Relations
574-235-4150ext: 231

Angie Snyder

Children's Services Coordinator
574-235-4150ext: 245

Debbie Larkin

Volunteer Coordinator
574-235-4150ext: 222

Denise Sellers

Director of Resident and Counseling Services
574-235-4150ext: 223

Mike Houghtaling

Director of Spiritual Life Development
574-235-4150ext: 224

Kristen Titus

Stability Coach
574-235-4150ext: 241

Michael Hart

Director of Finance & HR
574-235-4150ext: 227

Margaret Hansen

Stewardship Coordinator
574-235-4150ext: 226

Case Managers

Anne Szumski

Men’s Services Case Manager

Keith Bracey

Men’s Services Case Manager

Nikki Crooks

Family Case Manager

Michelle Artley

Family & Women Case Manager

board of directors

Virginia Calvin, Ed.D.
David Kibbe (President)
Steve Huffman
Aaron Carpenter
Sr. Laureen Marie Painter,
(Vice President)
Don Troyer, M.D. (Secretary/Treasurer)
Mike Watson
Matt Helmkamp
Duane Wilson
Andrea Wright
Carrie Bossung

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